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We manage your finances so you can focus your attention on the people and activities you love.

Life: we’ve got you covered

Life is full of changes. We celebrate births, graduations, and marriages. We mourn accidents, divorces, and deaths. We start, close, and sell businesses. We start careers, end them, and dream of retirement. Life changes call for adjustments to your financial strategy. That’s where we come in. WheelerFrost designs and helps you implement financial solutions that allow you to live your ideal life while maintaining financial security–regardless of your circumstances. We work with people in all stages of life. Whether you are just starting out or well into retirement, we can help.

We’re different, but in a good way

A team of seasoned experts

We’ve been in business for a long time. Collectively, more than 120 years! We’ve seen the market’s extremes and just about everything in between. As a privately-owned firm consisting of an award winning team rich in life experience, we understand life doesn’t always go as planned. We know how to prepare for the challenges that life presents in a way younger teams may not. We bring more than an understanding of assets; we bring an understanding of life. We know why you need to invest in a particular way. We respect your hard-earned money and we take that responsibility very seriously.

More than you expect

We don’t stop at wealth management and investment services, WheelerFrost is proud to offer comprehensive fiduciary trust solutions designed to help transition your wealth to the things that are close to your heart. Let us alleviate the burden of trust management from falling on someone that may not be privy to trust compliance, or worse, not have the time or interest to learn how to manage the assets of the trust and achieve the trust’s financial goals